The youngest sibling also suffers from the genetic disease, galactosemia and in his early years, he was infected with urosepsis. From birth he has required constant care, but in 2013 when he had septicemia, his condition dramatically worsened. Every day and night is full of fear and a fight for his life. Hospital stays, a respirator and epileptic seizures are all part of his daily life. Specialised treatment and rehabilitation bring hope that he will get stronger. The struggle continues … Więcej


Life has put him to the test many times, but he has never given up. He was born without his right forearm, but this poses no obstacle to him in enjoying life, in playing sports or developing his interests. 2013 was not a great year for him as he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Calculating everything he eats and measuring his blood sugar level is probably the hardest and most painful lesson in mathematics but he copes with it. … Więcej


he oldest of the siblings, she suffers from galactosemia and HCV. She has serious neurological problems. Her trembling hands make everyday life very difficult but she doesn’t let it affect her in taking care of her siblings and, what’s more, helping the needy. She gives back what she gets from people other people’s goodwill. She shares the good things that she gets. She is a great, wise girl, always smiling and cheerful, and open to other people and their needs.