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The amazing story of Jaś, Franek and Ewa, is the story of a family that moves, touches the heart and brings strong emotions, but above all, it is a beautiful story about life, struggle and the power of love. This is an ordinary, but at the same time, very unusual family. Today we will tell you the story of Franek and ask you for help with all of our hearts.

Our children

This amazing story began with her birth. A late diagnosis (and therefore, the late treatment) of galactosemia led to neurological disorders that are unusual for this disease. Intention tremor, resting tremor and reduced muscle tension are just some problems she struggles with on a daily basis…

Galactosemia is a recessive inherited disease, which gives Agnieszka and Tomek a 75% chance of having a healthy baby. Franek was born without galactosemia. His hypoplasia of the forearm and the subsequently diagnosed type 1 diabetes and cancer do not have any connection with it.

Last but not least, the youngest and the most disadvantaged child. Theoretically, galactosemia shouldn’t cause him much harm but it didn’t work out this way. A nosocomial infection, with pseudomonas and the resulting septicemia, gave this newborn no chance for a healthy life. Neurological damage, epilepsy, chronic respiratory failure – the PEG and respirator will be a part of his life forever…

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12729 Oczkowski Jan, Franciszek i Ewa

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12729 Oczkowski Jan, Franciszek i Ewa

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To donate 1% of tax for Jaś, Franek and Ewa in your tax return, under the heading REQUEST FOR TRANSFER OF 1% OF TAX DUE TO PUBLIC BENEFIT ORGANIZATION (OPP) enter KRS 0000037904, and in the field SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: 12729 Oczkowski Jan, Franciszek i Ewa

The order in which the information is given is very important: the number 12729 must be followed by the surname and the first names of the children.


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